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Perception and Performance about Patients` Medical Information Protection in Allied Health College Students
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 Title & Authors
Perception and Performance about Patients` Medical Information Protection in Allied Health College Students
Choi, Seon Young; Lim, Do Yeon; Ko, Il Sun; Moon, In Oh;
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Purpose: This study aims to identify perception, performance, and the related factors of performance in regards to patients` medical information protection among allied health college students. Methods: Four hundred twelve subjects from three colleges located in Jeonbuk and Kyungbuk province consented to participate. Data was collected from November 28 to December 15, 2012. To assess perception and performance in regards to patients` medical information protection, a self-reporting questionnaire was used. Data was analyzed via SPSS 18.0 program. Results: The score of perception and performance about patients` medical information protection were 4.07 and 3.56, respectively. All item`s scores of performance were significantly lower than those of perception. The perception score was significantly different according to recognition of hospital ethics code (t
Public health student;Medical records;Confidentiality;Perception;Performance;
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의무기록 전공 대학생의 의료정보보호 교육요구에 관한 연구,박지경;

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