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Key Parameters and Research Review on Counterflow Jet Study in USA for Drag Reduction of a High-speed Vehicle
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 Title & Authors
Key Parameters and Research Review on Counterflow Jet Study in USA for Drag Reduction of a High-speed Vehicle
Kim, Jihong; Kang, Seungwon; Lee, Jaecheong; Huh, Hwanil;
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Various studies have been conducted for drag reduction of a high-speed vehicle by injecting counterflow jet from its nose cone. In this study, in order to obtain baseline data and key parameters for drag reduction method, the counterflow jet study of the USA is reviewed and summarized. The nose cone shapes of each study are hemisphere cylinder, truncated cone, and reentry capsule, and their test conditions are summarized accordingly. Key parameters for drag reduction are jet mach number, mass flow rate, and pressure ratio. Even though drag reduction effects show various results according to given test conditions, it is found that the drag reduction effect reaches up to 40~50%.
High-speed Vehicle;Drag Reduction;Counterflow Jet;Nose Cone;Research Review;Key Parameters;
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초고속 비행체 항력 감소를 위한 플라즈마 분사장치에 대한 예비 결과,강승원;최종인;이재청;허환일;

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