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Experimental Investigation of Complex System for Electrical Energy Harvesting and Vibration Isolation
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 Title & Authors
Experimental Investigation of Complex System for Electrical Energy Harvesting and Vibration Isolation
Kwon, Seong-Cheol; Jeon, Su-Hyeon; Oh, Hyun-Ung;
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Micro-vibration induced by on-board appendages that have mechanical moving parts has always been treated as an useless objective that has to be isolated, in order to comply with a high-resolution mission requirement of the observation satellite. In this study, we proposed a tuned mass damper energy harvester combined with a conventional passive vibration isolator for exhibiting dual functions of both electrical energy harvesting and micro-vibration isolation. The feasibility of the proposed dual-function complex system has been demonstrated through the comparison with numerical simulations, based on the results of basic characteristic tests, and experiments of the harvested power and micro-vibration.
Energy Harvesting;Vibration Isolation;Micro-vibration;Energy Harvester;
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우주용 냉각기의 미소진동을 이용한 에너지 수확 시스템의 실험적 성능검증,정현모;권성철;오현웅;

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