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Comparison Study of H-infinity Controller Design Algorithms for Spacecraft Attitude Control
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 Title & Authors
Comparison Study of H-infinity Controller Design Algorithms for Spacecraft Attitude Control
Rhee, Seung-Wu;
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There are three kinds of algorithms(2-ARE, mu-synthesis, LMI) for controller design using closed-loop shaping method. This paper provides the summary of background theory of three algorithms and controller design results for spacecraft attitude control using the three controller design tools of Matlab Toolbox for comparison. As a result, it reveals that LMI design method is more reliable as well as easier than others for spacecraft attitude control design. Comparison results are as follow: 2-ARE method and LMI method provide almost same results in robust stability, robust performance and control authority level. But 2-ARE method is more sensitive than LMI method with respect to proper design of weighting functions: 2-ARE method is more difficult than LMI method in weighting function design. The design result of mu-synthesis method shows worse performance and requires bigger control authority than others.
Controller;2-ARE;mu-Synthesis;LMI;Robust Stability;Robust Performance;Spacecraft Attitude Control;
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