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Analysis of Fluid-Structure Interaction by High Velocity Impact for Liquid Filled Cylindrical Container
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 Title & Authors
Analysis of Fluid-Structure Interaction by High Velocity Impact for Liquid Filled Cylindrical Container
Bae, Hongsu; Woo, Kyeongsik; Kim, In-Gul; Kim, Jong-Heon;
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In this paper, fluid-structure of interaction behavior of a fluid-filled cylindrical polymer container impacted by a high speed spherical projectile was studied using ALE(Arbitrary Lagrangian Eulerian) method. The hydrodynamic ram phenomenon occurred by the impact projectile penetrating through the container was investigated by examining time histories of projectile velocity and fluid pressure and density. The analysis results were agreed reasonably well compared to those by experiments.
Analysis of Fluid-Structure Interaction;ALE(Arbitrary Lagrangian Eulerian);Hydrodynamic ram;
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