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Performance Characteristics of a TBCC Engine with Turbo-Ramjet Engine Transition Mode
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 Title & Authors
Performance Characteristics of a TBCC Engine with Turbo-Ramjet Engine Transition Mode
Moon, Kyoo-Hwan; Sung, Hong-Gye;
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The performance characteristics of a TBCC engine considering the transition mode from a turbojet to a ramjet engine has been investigated. The performance of each engine was proposed and a transition mode of the TBCC engine has been evaluated by adjusting the operating rate of the ramjet engine and turbojet engine performance changes continuously. Based on the transition model, it was confirmed that the performance is continuously changed at various flight Mach numbers and altitudes. The performance characteristics including thrust and specific impulse considering various flight conditions and transition mode were analyzed, which testifies characteristics of the engine itself, as well as transition of the combined cycle.
TBCC(Turbine Based Combined Cycle);Transition Mode;
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재사용 발사체 및 미래추진기관 기술발전 전망 및 방향,김춘택;양인영;이경재;이양지;

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