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Test Research Using an IR Thermography Technique in a Supersonic Wind Tunnel
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 Title & Authors
Test Research Using an IR Thermography Technique in a Supersonic Wind Tunnel
Kim, Ikhyun; Lee, Jaeho; Park, Gisu; Byun, Yunghwan; Lee, Jongkook;
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Test research on Infra-Red Thermography(IRT) technique in a supersonic wind tunnel has been conducted. Inadvertent technical difficulties and their solutions associated with the technique in running of the facility were examined. Two flow conditions at Mach number of 3 and 4 were considered. A double compression ramp model, that replicates realistic high-speed vehicle configuration, was used as test model. The present IR data were compared with shadowgraph visualization images and laminar computational fluid dynamics(CFD) results. It has been shown that the IRT technique can be used in quantifying various fluid dynamic features such as flow transition, separation and three-dimensional phenomena around the double compression ramp model.
Infra-Red Thermography;Separation Shock;Reattachment Shock;Flow Transition;Compression Ramp;
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