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Vibration-Robust Adaptive Attitude Reference System Using Sequential Measurement Noise Covariance
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 Title & Authors
Vibration-Robust Adaptive Attitude Reference System Using Sequential Measurement Noise Covariance
Kim, Jongmyeong; Leeghim, Henzeh;
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A new technique for Attitude & Heading Reference System (AHRS) by using sequential measurement noise covariance (SMNC) is addressed in a vibration environments in this paper. In particular, a low-cost inertial measurement unit in general diverges in the acceleration phase or vibrating environments due to inherent properties of gravity and acceleration. In this paper, by considering current and prior measurements to estimate actual attitudes and headings in a local frame, the proposed technique overcomes these problems efficiently. Finally, the performance of the suggested approach is verified by numerical simulations.
Extended Kalman Filter;Adaptive Filter;INS;Attitude Estimation;AHRS(Attitude & Heading Reference System);
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