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LES Investigation on The Cryogenic Nitrogen Injection of Swirl Injector Under Supercritical Envionment
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 Title & Authors
LES Investigation on The Cryogenic Nitrogen Injection of Swirl Injector Under Supercritical Envionment
Kang, JeongSeok; Heo, JunYoung; Sung, Hong-Gye; Yoon, YoungBin;
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Cryogenic spray characteristics of a nitrogen swirl injector operating in supercritical environment have been numerically investigated. By comparing the equation of states(EOS) used for supercritical condition, SRK EOS was applied to predict the nitrogen thermodynamic property under supercritical environment. A Chung`s method was implemented for the calculation of viscosity and conductivity and Takahashi`s correlation based on Fuller`s Theorem was implemented for the calculation of diffusion coefficient. By injecting the nitrogen with 5 bar differential pressure into 50 bar chamber filled with nitrogen, numerical simulation has been conducted. The dynamic Smagorinsky sub-grid scale (SGS) model has been compared with the algebraic Smagorinsky SGS model using FFT frequency analysis. The instability at the liquid film and gas core inside injector and the propagation of pressure oscillation into the injector has been investigated. The spreading angle of swirl injector obtained by numerical calculation has been validated with experimental result.
Supercritical Condition;Cryogenic Nitrogen;Swirl Injector;Instability;Spray Angle;LES(Large Eddy Simulation);
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사각 덕트내 난류 횡단류 유동장에 분사되는 액체 제트의 분열과 미립화에 관한 LES 해석,유영린;한두희;성홍계;전혁수;박철현;

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