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Aeroacoustics Analysis and Noise Reduction of Dual Type Combined Fan using Lattice-Boltzmann Method
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 Title & Authors
Aeroacoustics Analysis and Noise Reduction of Dual Type Combined Fan using Lattice-Boltzmann Method
Kim, Wootaek; Ryu, Minhyung; Kim, Jinwook; Ho, Sunghwan; Cho, Leesang; Cho, Jinsoo;
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In this study, aeroacoustic characteristics of combined fan are investigated and noise was reduced by applying Serrated Trailing Edge which is known as the method to reduce fan noises. Unsteady CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) analysis was carried out using Lattice Boltzmann Method(LBM) to figure out the combined fan`s aeroacoustics and experimental results was used to verify simulation results. Results show that different BPFs are generated at the each inner fan and outer fan on the different frequency while Blade Passing Frequency(BPF) of general fans is constant on the entire frequency range. Boundary vortex and vortex shedding are suppressed or dispersed by applying the Serrated Trailing Edge to the inner fan. Furthermore, broadband noise and fan`s torque are reduced.
Dual Fan;Lattice-Boltzman Method;Aeroacoustics;Discrete noise;Broadband noise;Blade Passing Frequency(BPF);Serrated Trailing Edge;
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