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Velocity profile measurement of supersonic boundary layer over a flat plate using the PIV technique
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 Title & Authors
Velocity profile measurement of supersonic boundary layer over a flat plate using the PIV technique
Lee, Hyuk; Kim, Young Ju; Byun, Yung Hwan; Park, Soo Hyung;
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Velocity profiles of laminar, transition and turbulent boundary layers were investigated by using Particle Image Velocimetry(PIV) measurements on the flat plate at Mach 2.96. The Schlieren visualization and PIV measurements are also used to confirm whether the oblique shock wave generated from the leading edge affects the flow field over the flat plate. The laminar velocity profile measured from the experiment was well matched with the compressible Blasius solution. The velocity profile of the transition boundary layer was well correlated with the theoretical turbulent velocity profile from near the wall and the transition began from Re
Particle Image Velocimetry;Supersonic Boundary Layer;Blasius Solution;Transition Reynolds Number;Log Law;Flat Plate;
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