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Design Study of a Korean Mars Mission
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Design Study of a Korean Mars Mission
Lee, Eun-Seok; Chang, Keun-Shik; Park, Chul;
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In this paper we carried out a design study for an unmanned Mars missionsuitable for Republic of Korea. The mission will use a KSLV series launch system,which is to place a one tonne payload into the LEO. We calculated the velocityincrements(AV) required for departure from Earth and insertion into the orbitaround Mars based on the mission opportunity data provided by NASA. Two typesof Mars modules - entry type and orbiter type - were considered in this studyWe calculated the mass of TPS(therma1 protection system) for the entry tvpe Marsmodule based on the heat transfer rate and heat load from the Mars atmosphere tothe surface of the TPS. The heat transfer rate and heat load were obtained throughan entry trajectory calculation. For the orbiter type Mars module, we calcuIated themass breakdown of the additional spacecraft which is to insert the Mars moduleinto the orbit around Mars. Other mass items were determined by proportioningfrom the existing Mars modules. This paper finally proposes the payload capacitiesfor each types of Mars modules.
Mars mission;KSLV;Mars Entry;TPS;Velocity Increment;MassBudget;
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