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Hybridal Method for the Prediction of Wave Instabilities Inherent in High Energy-Density Combustors (2): Cumulative Effects of Pressure Coupled Responses on Cavity Acoustics
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 Title & Authors
Hybridal Method for the Prediction of Wave Instabilities Inherent in High Energy-Density Combustors (2): Cumulative Effects of Pressure Coupled Responses on Cavity Acoustics
Lee, Gil-Yong; Yoon, Woong-Sup;
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Theoretical-numerical approach of combustion instability in a specific rocket engine is conducted with parametric response functions. Fluctuating instantaneous burning rate is assumed to be functionally coupled with acoustic pressures and have a finite or time-varying amplitudes and phase lags. Only when the amplitudes and phases of combustion response function are sufficiently large and small respectively, the triggered unstable waves are amplified.
Hybrid Model;Acoustic Instability;Combustion Response Function;
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