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c-CMG Cluster for Small Satellites
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 Title & Authors
c-CMG Cluster for Small Satellites
Lee, Seung-Mok; Seo, Hyun-Ho; Rhee, Seung-Wu;
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This article presents the details of a designed control moment gyroscope (CMG) with a constant speed momentum wheel and one-axis-gimbal, and its experimental results performed at Korea Aerospace Research Institute. The CMG which is able to produce a torque of lOO mNm per each, is mounted in a pyramid configuration with four SGCMGs. Each CMG test and a single axis maneuver test with four-CMG cluster configuration are performed to confirm their performance on a ground-test facilities consisted of three major parts: a vibration isolation system, a dynamic force plate (Kistler sensor), and a DSP board. These facilities provide the accurate data of three axial and torques from the control moment gyro. Details of the CMG experimental results are presented with discussion of the experimental errors. The experimental data are compared with theoretical results and both results are used to verify their performance specifications.
Control Moment Gyro;Four-CMG Cluster;Satellite Attitude Control;
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인공위성을 위한 제어모멘트자이로의 설계시 고려요소 및 배치형상 개선방안,서현호;이승우;이선호;오시환;임조령;용기력;

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