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Control of Delta-Wing Vortex by Apex Strake
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 Title & Authors
Control of Delta-Wing Vortex by Apex Strake
Sohn, Myong-Hwan; Chung, Hyoung-Seog;
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The vortex flow characteristics of a double-delta wing, which can change the incidence angle of its apex strake was investigated through the wing-surface pressure measurement and the particle image velocimetry(PIV) measurement of the wing-leeward flow region. The apex strake has sharp edges and can change its incidence angle with a hinge line at the 23% chord position measured from the apex of the main wing. The present study revealed that the incidence-angle change of the apex strake could greatly alter the vortex flow pattern around the double-delta wing and the wing-surface pressure distribution, which suggested that the apex strake could be used as an effective device for the active control of delta-wing vortex flow.ጊ缀Ѐ㘰〻Ԁ䭃䑎䴀
delta-wing vortex ; apex strake ; flow control ; PIV measurement ; wing surface pressure
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