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A PIV Study of Flow Patterns Over Stationary and Pitch-Oscillating Airfoils with Blowing Jet
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 Title & Authors
A PIV Study of Flow Patterns Over Stationary and Pitch-Oscillating Airfoils with Blowing Jet
Lee, Ki-Young; Chung, Hyoung-Seog; Cho, Dong-Hyun;
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A particle image velocimetry (PIV) technique was employed to investigate the effects of blowing jet on the flow characteristics over stationary and pitch-oscillating airfoils. The Reynolds number was 7.84×10⁵ based on the chord length. It was found that for stationary airfoil cases, continuous and pulsating blowing jets successfully reduced separated wake region at high angles of attack. A comparison study of two different types of jet blowing indicated that pulsating jet is more effective than continuous jet for flow separation control. Pulsating leading-edge blowing postpones flow separation and increased stall angle of attack by 2°-3°. For pitch-oscillating airfoil cases, the PIV results showed that blowing jet efficiently delays the separation onset point during pitch-up stroke, whereas it does not prevent flow separation during pitch-down stroke, even at angles of attack smaller than static ones.
Pitch-Oscillating Airfoil;Flow Pattern;Blowing Jet;Flow Separation Control;
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