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Comprehensive Code Validation on Airloads and Aeroelastic Responses of the HART II Rotor
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 Title & Authors
Comprehensive Code Validation on Airloads and Aeroelastic Responses of the HART II Rotor
You, Young-Hyun; Park, Jae-Sang; Jung, Sung-Nam; Kim, Do-Hyung;
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In this work, the comprehensive structural dynamics codes including DYMORE and CAMRAD II are used to validate the higher harmonic control aeroacoustic rotor test (HART) II data in descending flight condition. A total of 16 finite elements along with 17 aerodynamic panels are used for the CAMRAD II analysis; whereas, in the DYMORE analysis, 10 finite elements with 31 equally-spaced aerodynamic panels are utilized. To improve the prediction capability of the DYMORE analysis, the finite state dynamic inflow model is upgraded with a free vortex wake model comprised of near shed wake and trailed tip vortices. The predicted results on aerodynamic loads and blade motions are correlated with the HART II measurement data for the baseline, minimum noise and minimum vibration cases. It is found that an improvement of solution, especially for blade vortex interaction airloads, is achieved with the free wake method employed in the DYMORE analysis. Overall, fair to good correlation is achieved for the test cases considered in this study.
HART II;Comprehensive structural dynamics code;Blade vortex interaction airloads;Aeroelastic response;
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