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Review of Active Rotor Control Research in Canada
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Review of Active Rotor Control Research in Canada
Feszty, Daniel; Nitzsche, Fred;
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The current status of Canadian research on rotor-based actively controlled technologies for helicopters is reviewed in this paper. First, worldwide research in this field is overviewed to put Canadian research into context. Then, the unique hybrid control concept of Carleton University is described, along with its key element, the "stiffness control" concept. Next, the smart hybrid active rotor control system (SHARCS) projected's history and organization is presented, which aims to demonstrate the hybrid control concept in a wind tunnel test campaign. To support the activities of SHARCS, unique computational tools, novel experimental facilities and new know-how had to be developed in Canada, among them the state-of-the-art Carleton Whirl Tower facility or the ability to design and manufacture aeroelastically scaled helicopter rotors for wind tunnel testing. In the second half of the paper, details are provided on the current status of development on the three subsystems of SHARCS, i.e. that of the actively controlled tip, the actively controlled flap and the unique stiffness-control device, the active pitch link.
Helicopter;Rotor;Active;Control;Reduction;Vibration;Noise;Flap;Pitch link;Anhedral;Smart hybrid active rotor control system;
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SNUF뒷전 플랩 블레이드 메커니즘의 설계 개선,;은원종;신상준;

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정지비행 로터 블레이드에 부착된 탭의 공기역학적 효과,강희정;김도형;김승호;

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