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Numerical Analysis of Unsteady Flow around a Transversely Oscillating Circular Cylinder
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 Title & Authors
Numerical Analysis of Unsteady Flow around a Transversely Oscillating Circular Cylinder
Moon, Ji-Soo; Kim, Jae-Soo;
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The relationship between the excitation frequency and the vortex shedding frequency is analyzed during the oscillation of the circular cylinder. Two-dimension unsteady Navier-Stoke's equation is calculated by using the Optimized High Order Compact (OHOC) scheme. The flow condition is Mach number 0.3 and Reynold's number 1000. From the results acquired by calculation, it can be inferred that, when the excitation frequency is near the vortex shedding frequency at the fixed cylinder wake, the oscillation frequency of lift and drag coefficients appears to lock-on. The lock-on refers to a phenomenon in which the aerodynamic coefficient appears as one primary oscillation frequency through excitation and its amplitude is amplified. In the non-lock-on zone, the excitation frequency is not in the lock-on mode anymore and beat is formed in which two or more primary oscillation frequencies of the aerodynamic coefficient are mixed together.
Optimized High Order Compact Scheme;Transversely Oscillating Circular Cylinder;Lock-on and non-Lock-on;Vortex Shedding;
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