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Parametric Resonance Characteristics of Laminated Composite Curved Shell Panels in a Hygrothermal Environment
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 Title & Authors
Parametric Resonance Characteristics of Laminated Composite Curved Shell Panels in a Hygrothermal Environment
Sahu, S.K.; Rath, M.K.; Datta, P.K.; Sahoo, R.;
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The present study deals with the parametric resonance behaviour of laminated composite curved shell panels in a hygrothermal environment using Bolotin's approach. A simple laminated model is developed using first order shear deformation theory (FSDT) for the vibration and dynamic stability analysis of laminated composite shells subjected to hygrothermal conditions. A computer program based on the finite element method (FEM) in a MATLAB environment is developed to perform all necessary computations. Quantitative results are presented to show the effects of curvature, ply-orientations, degree of orthotropy and geometry of laminates on the parametric instability of composite curved shell panels for different temperature and moisture concentrations. The excitation frequencies of laminated composite panels decrease with the increase of temperature and moisture due to reduction of stiffness for all laminates.
Parametric resonance;Excitation frequencies;Hygrothermal environment;Instability regions;
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