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Validation of HART II Structural Dynamics Predictions Based on Prescribed Airloads
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 Title & Authors
Validation of HART II Structural Dynamics Predictions Based on Prescribed Airloads
Sa, Jeong-H.; You, Young-H.; Park, Jae-S.; Park, Soo-H.; Jung, Sung-N.;
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In this study, the accuracy of CSD (Comprehensive Structural Dynamics) analysis on the evaluation of blade aeroelastic responses and structural loads of HART(Higher harmonic Aeroacoustic Rotor Test) II baseline rotor is assessed using a comprehensive rotorcraft dynamics code, CAMRAD II, and a nonlinear flexible multi-body dynamics analysis code, DYMORE. Considering insufficient measurement data for HART II rotor, prescribed airloads computed by a three-dimensional compressible flow solver KFLOW are used to replace the lifting-line airloads and thereby enhance the prediction capability of the comprehensive analyses. The CSD results on blade elastic deflections using the prescribed airloads indicate more oscillatory behavior than those by lifting-line based approaches, but the wave pattern becomes improved by including artificial damping into the rotor system. It is demonstrated that the structural load predictions are improved significantly by the prescribed airloads approach against the measured data, as compared with an isolated CSD analysis.
HART II rotor;comprehensive code;prescribed airloads;artificial damping;
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