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Static Aeroelastic Response of Wing-Structures Accounting for In-Plane Cross-Section Deformation
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 Title & Authors
Static Aeroelastic Response of Wing-Structures Accounting for In-Plane Cross-Section Deformation
Varello, Alberto; Lamberti, Alessandro; Carrera, Erasmo;
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In this paper, the aeroelastic static response of flexible wings with arbitrary cross-section geometry via a coupled CUF-XFLR5 approach is presented. Refined structural one-dimensional (1D) models, with a variable order of expansion for the displacement field, are developed on the basis of the Carrera Unified Formulation (CUF), taking into account cross-sectional deformability. A three-dimensional (3D) Panel Method is employed for the aerodynamic analysis, providing more accuracy with respect to the Vortex Lattice Method (VLM). A straight wing with an airfoil cross-section is modeled as a clamped beam, by means of the finite element method (FEM). Numerical results present the variation of wing aerodynamic parameters, and the equilibrium aeroelastic response is evaluated in terms of displacements and in-plane cross-section deformation. Aeroelastic coupled analyses are based on an iterative procedure, as well as a linear coupling approach for different free stream velocities. A convergent trend of displacements and aerodynamic coefficients is achieved as the structural model accuracy increases. Comparisons with 3D finite element solutions prove that an accurate description of the in-plane cross-section deformation is provided by the proposed 1D CUF model, through a significant reduction in computational cost.
aeroelasticity;higher-order 1D finite elements;Carrera Unified Formulation;in-plane cross-section deformation;
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