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Fatigue damage detection of CFRP using the electrical resistance change method
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 Title & Authors
Fatigue damage detection of CFRP using the electrical resistance change method
Todoroki, Akira; Mizutani, Yoshihiro; Suzuki, Yoshiro; Haruyama, Daichi;
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Electrical resistance change measurements were performed, to detect fatigue damage of a quasi-isotropic CFRP and cross-ply CFRP laminates. A four-probe method was used to measure the exact electrical resistance change. A three-probe method was used to measure the electrical contact resistance change, during long cyclic loading. The specimen side surface was observed using a video-microscope to detect damage. The measured electrical resistance changes were compared with the observed damage. The results of this study show that the electrical resistance increase of the quasi-isotropic laminate was caused by a delamination crack between plies. Matrix cracking caused a small electrical resistance increase of the cross-ply laminate, but the decreased electrical resistance caused by the shear-plastic deformation impedes matrix-cracking detection.
Composites;Electrical resistance;Carbon Fibers;Delamination;
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