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Analysis of the Flow Field of Carrier-Based Aircraft Exhaust Jets Impact on the Flight Deck
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 Title & Authors
Analysis of the Flow Field of Carrier-Based Aircraft Exhaust Jets Impact on the Flight Deck
Yue, Kuizhi; Sun, Yicheng; Liu, Hu; Guo, Weigang;
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In order to provide some references for suitability of carrier-based aircrafts, this paper studies the flow field of exhaust jets and its impact on the flight deck. The geometrical models of aircraft carrier and carrier-based aircrafts are firstly built, on which unstructured tetrahedral meshes are generated for numerical analysis. Then, this paper simulates the flow field of exhaust jets to evaluate its impact on the Jet Blast Deflector (JBD) and the flight deck, when four carrier-based aircrafts are ready to start off in the bow. The standard k- equations, three-dimension N-S equations and the Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) theory are used in the analysis process. To solve the equations, the thermal coupling of the wind and the jet flow are also considered. The velocity and temperature distributions are provided with the simulation of the CFD software, FLUENT. The results indicate that: (1) this analytical method can be used to simulate aerodynamic problems with complex geometrical models, and the results are of high reliability; (2) the safety working area, the installation scheme of the JBD and the arrangement of the take-off position can be optimized through analysis.
Carrier-based Aircraft;Aircraft Carrier;Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD);Thermal Coupling;Numerical Simulation;
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