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Flow Actuation by DC Surface Discharge Plasma Actuator in Different Discharge Modes
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 Title & Authors
Flow Actuation by DC Surface Discharge Plasma Actuator in Different Discharge Modes
Kim, Yeon-Sung; Shin, Jichul;
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Aerodynamic flow control phenomena were investigated with a low-current DC surface discharge plasma actuator. The plasma actuator was found to operate in three different discharge modes with similar discharge currents of about 1 mA or less. Stable continuous DC discharge without audible noise was obtained at higher ballast resistances and lower discharge currents. However, even with continuous DC power input, a low-frequency self-pulsed discharge was obtained at lower ballast resistances, and a high-frequency self-pulsed discharge was obtained at higher set-point currents and higher ballast resistances, both with audible noise. The Schlieren image reveals that the low-frequency self-pulsed mode produces a synthetic jet-like flow implying that a gas heating effect plays a role, even though the discharge current is small. The high-frequency self-pulsed mode produces pulsed jets in a tangent direction, and the continuous DC mode produces a steady straight pressure wave. Particle image velocimetry (PIV) images reveal that the induced flow field by the low-frequency self-pulsed mode has flow propagating in the radial direction and centered between the electrodes. The high-frequency self-pulsed mode and continuous DC mode produce flow from the anode to the cathode. The perturbed region downstream of the cathode is larger in the high-frequency self-pulsed mode with similar maximum speeds.
flow control;plasma actuator;self-Pulsed;DC discharge;
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