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Reliability Evaluation of a Pin Puller via Monte Carlo Simulation
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 Title & Authors
Reliability Evaluation of a Pin Puller via Monte Carlo Simulation
Lee, Hyo-Nam; Jang, Seung-gyo;
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A Monte Carlo (MC) simulation was conducted to predict the reliability of a newly developed pyrotechnic pin puller. The reliability model is based on the stress-strength interference model that states that failure occurs if the stress exceeds the strength. In this study, the stress is considered to be the energy consumed by movement of a pin shaft, and the strength is considered to be the energy generated by pyrotechnic combustion for driving the pin shaft. Failure of the pin puller can thus be defined as the consumed energy being greater than the generated energy. These energies were calculated using a performance model formulated in the previous study of the present authors. The MC method was used to synthesize the probability densities of the two energies and evaluate the reliability of the pin puller. From a probabilistic perspective, the calculated reliability was compared to a deterministic safety factor. A sensitivity analysis was also conducted to determine which design parameters most affect the reliability.
Pin Puller;One-Shot;Reliability;Stress-Strength Model;Monte Carlo Simulation;
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