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Design space exploration in aircraft conceptual design phase based on system-of-systems simulation
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 Title & Authors
Design space exploration in aircraft conceptual design phase based on system-of-systems simulation
Tian, Yifeng; Liu, Hu; Huang, Jun;
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Design space exploration has been much neglected in aircraft conceptual design phase, which often leads to a waste of time and cost in design, manufacture and operation process. It is necessary to explore design space based on operational system-of-systems (SoS) simulation during the early phase for a competitive design. This paper proposes a methodology to analyze aircraft performance parameters in four steps: combination of parameters, object analysis, operational simulation, and key-parameters analysis. Meanwhile, the design space of an unmanned aerial vehicle applied in earthquake search and rescue SoS is explored based on this methodology. The results show that applying SoS simulation into design phase has important reference value for designers on aircraft conceptual design.
system-of-systems;aircraft conceptual design;design space exploration;modeling and simulation;
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