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Effects of Gas-surface Interaction Models on Spacecraft Aerodynamics
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 Title & Authors
Effects of Gas-surface Interaction Models on Spacecraft Aerodynamics
Khlopkov, Yuri Ivanovich; Chernyshev, Sergey Leonidovich; Myint, Zay Yar Myo; Khlopkov, Anton Yurievich;
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The influence of boundary condition of the bodies with gas flows is one of the most important problems in high-altitude aerodynamics. In this paper presents the results of the calculation of aerodynamic characteristics of aerospace vehicle using Monte-Carlo method based on three different gas-surface interaction models - Maxwell model, Cercignani-Lampis-Lord (CLL) model and Lennard-Jones (LJ) potential. These models are very sensitive for force and moment coefficients of aerospace vehicle in the hypersonic free molecular flow. The models, method and results can be used for new generation aerospace vehicle design.
Gas-surface interaction models;DSMC;Spacecraft technology;DSMC;Maxwell;CLL;Lennard-Jones potential;High-altitude aerodynamics;
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