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Development of a Practical Method to Optimize Two-Quality Characteristics in Injection Molded Parts
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 Title & Authors
Development of a Practical Method to Optimize Two-Quality Characteristics in Injection Molded Parts
Park, Jong-Cheon; Cha, Jae-Ho;
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Optimization of multi-quality characteristics in injection molded parts is very important, but it is sometimes difficult for part/mold designers. The objective of this study is to develop a practical design methodology for optimizing two-quality characteristics of injection molded parts. To attain this end, we developed a new design-range reduction algorithm based on Taguchi's orthogonal arrays for two characteristics. Then, the algorithm was integrated with commercial injection-molding simulation tools. A feature of the proposed methodology is that it allows field-designers unfamiliar with general optimization methods to be able to apply the methodology to their design problems with ease. Finally, we have applied the proposed design methodology to optimization of weldlines and deflections in an actual bezel model. The results show the usefulness of this methodology.
Injection Molding;Optimization;Two-quality Characteristics;Design-Range Reduction;
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