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Effect of Short Term Cold Treatment to Rhizosphere on Nitrate Concentration in Lettuce Plant under Hydroponic Culture System
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 Title & Authors
Effect of Short Term Cold Treatment to Rhizosphere on Nitrate Concentration in Lettuce Plant under Hydroponic Culture System
Choi, Seung-Ju; Yang, Jin-Chul; Sa, Tong-Min;
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Lettuce (Lactuca sativa L.) plants were grown under hydroponic system to characterize the diurnal change of nitrate concentration and nitrate uptake rate and to examine the effect of short term cold treatment to rhizosphere on nitrate concentration and uptake rate in lettuce plant. The nitrate concentrations in midrib were two times higher than those in leaf. Nitrate concentration in the shoot reached to minimum (8.7 mg-N/GDW) at 14:00 and, thereafter, increased continuously until 23:00. During 11:0017:00, nitrate uptake by lettuce plant was maximum (4.8 mg-N/GDW-Root/hr). Short term cold treatment reduced nitrate concentration in the shoot by 1418%, and nitrate uptake rate by 5055%, respectively. These results showed that short term cold treatment before harvest could be applied for the purpose of reduction of nitrate concentration in the leaf under hydroponic culture.
cold treatment;lettuce;nitrate;nitrate uptake;
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