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Aqueous Photolysis of the Organophosphorus Insecticide Carbofuran
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 Title & Authors
Aqueous Photolysis of the Organophosphorus Insecticide Carbofuran
Kim, Kyun; Kim, Yong-Hwa;
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Photodegadation rates of carbofuran in aqueous solution were measured under various test conditions mainly following the guidelines of U.S. EPA and OECD. Half-lives of carbofuran in distilled water were 9.7 days. 3.3 days, and 1 hr under natural sunlight, SUNTEST with UV filter, and SUNTEST without UV filter, respectively. Waters from a paddy field accelerated the decomposition by factor of 6. It was confirmed that the use of SUNTEST could shorten the test period of photodegradation.
photodegradation carbofuran;SUN TEST;UV filter;half-life;
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