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Mutant Induction of Several Antifungal Bacteria by Gamma Radiation (60Co)
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Mutant Induction of Several Antifungal Bacteria by Gamma Radiation (60Co)
Chung, Hye-Young; Kim, Jae-Sung; Cho, Kyu Seong; Lee, Young-Bok; Lee, Young-Keun;
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In order to evaluate the antifungal activity of bacteria against plant pathogenic fungi, 8 bacteria were isolated from mushroom compost hot spring, seaweed, and forest soil and mutants from them were induced by gamma radiation(). Bacillus circulans K1, Burkholderia gladioli K4 and Bacillus subtilis YS1 showed wide antifungal spectrum against 12 kinds of plant pathogenic fungi. From the radiation sensitivity test, B. gladioli K4 was very sensitive to gamma radiation and its value was 0.11 kGy. Antifungal activities of B. circulans Kl-1004 and B. subtilis YS1-1009, which were induced by the radiation of increased against Botryosphaeria dothidea. The mutant strains, B. subtilis YS1-1006 and B. subtilis YS1-1009 were resistant to tebuconazole and copper hydroxide. SAR535, SAR5108, and SAR5118 mutated from Streptomyces sp. SAR01 were antifungal activity deficient mutants against 5 kinds of plant pathogenic fungi compared to wild strain, so that they could be supposed to be model strains far studying antifungal mechanism. It is suggested that various functional types of mutants could be induced by gamma radiation and applied usefully.
antifungal activity;bacteria;gamma radiation;mutant;
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이차원전기영동법을 이용한 길항세균 Bacillus licheniformis DM3와 이의 항진균 활성 결여 돌연변이균주간 단백질 비교 분석,이영근;김재성;정혜영;장유신;장병일;

한국환경농학회지, 2003. vol.22. 3, pp.203-209 crossref(new window)
방사선유도 돌연변이체 Bacillus lentimorbus WJ5a17에 의한 Pythium Root rot의 방제,이영근;김재성;장병일;장유신;이호용;

환경생물, 2003. vol.21. 3, pp.276-285
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