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Evaluation of Water Quality Characteristics on Tributaries of Mankyeong River Watershed
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 Title & Authors
Evaluation of Water Quality Characteristics on Tributaries of Mankyeong River Watershed
Yun, Sun-Gang; Lee, Jong-Sik; Jung, Goo-Bok; Kim, Min-Kyeong; Kim, Seon-Jong; Koh, Mun-Hwan; Eom, Ki-Cheol;
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A survey on four tributaries along with Mankyeong River was carried out to get the information far the water quality improvement and control. Typical paddy farming were major agricultural practices in Kosancheon and Soyangcheon. Iksancheon was livestock raising watershed. Chucheon was urban watershed. Water quality in six sites of main stream and four sites of tributaries in Mankyeong River were investigated from May to August in 2001. The concentration of nutrient in main stream of Mankyeong River were in the range of 3.7812.68 mg/L for total nitrogen, 0.0430.864 mg/L for total phosphorus, 2.5913.29 mg/L for BOD and 12.9119.5 mg/L for COD, respectively. Water quality of Mankyeong River mostly exceeded the standard water quality criteria of Korea. Major causes of water pollution were evaluated as sewage of swine and urban area. Among the four tributaries, water quality in agricultural practices, Kosancheon and Soyangcheon was relatively less polluted. While, the highest level of water pollution measured in Iksancheon was due to livestock. The water quality of Iksancheon and Chucheon was generally more polluted in the dry period than in rainy period.
water quality;nutrient;Mankyeong River;
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