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Effect of Cyclosulfamuron on Rice Growth and Acetolactate Synthase Activity
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Effect of Cyclosulfamuron on Rice Growth and Acetolactate Synthase Activity
Ji, Seung-Hwan; Song, Sung-Do; Jeong, Byeong-Ryong;
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Cyclosulfamuron a herbicide of sulfonylurea type, is a relatively new compound which control broad leaves and perennial weeds in rice field. However, this herbicide has a minor disadvantage of decreasing rice plant growth, especially in early growth stage. Therefore, far introducing this cyclosulfamuron as a herbicide in rice field, it is important to minimize the suppression of early plant growth with maintaining weed control efficacy. This study was conducted to evaluate effects of cyclosulfamuron early plant growth and acetolactate synthase activity of rice (Oryza sativa cv Dongjinbyeo, Hwasungbyeo, Ilpumbyeo). Rice growth was inhibited by cyclosulfamuron in their early growth stage. The concentrations required far 50% inhibition of Dongjinbyeo, Hwasungbyeo and Ilpumbyeo growth were 6.3, 9.2 and, respectively. Inhibition effect of cyclosulfamuron on the root elongation was greater than the effect on the shoot growth. Concentrations required far 50% inhibition of acetolactate synthase activity from Dongjinbyeo, Hwasungbyeo, Ilpumbyeo were 42.7, 32.7 and , respectively.
acetolactate synthase(ALS);cyclosulfamuron;rice;
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