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Adsorption Characteristics of the Herbicide Mefenacet in Soil
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 Title & Authors
Adsorption Characteristics of the Herbicide Mefenacet in Soil
Kim, Sung-Min; Cho, Il-Kyu; Lee, Eun-Young; Park, Sun-Hwa; Lee, Jae-Koo;
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The adsorption characteristics of [] mefenacet were investigated with six types of soil collected from different locations. The equilibrium time for adsorption was five hours. The adsorption coefficient(Kf) of Namwon series (volcanic ash soil) showed the highest value of 89.2 while Daejeon series (loamy sand) showed the lowest value of 2.37. The Kf values decreased in order of silty clay loam > silty loam > loamy sand > sandy loam, and the effect of soil properties on the adsorption of mefenacet in soil increased in order of clay mineral < CEC < organic matter. No significant effect was observed by the change of soil pH. The ground water ubiquity scores (GUS index) were in three types of soil while in the others, indicating that the former group belonged to nonleachers and the latter group to the transitional. Mefenacet in the test soil series seemed to have low possibility of contaminating ground water.
mefenacet;soil;adsorption;equilibrium;GUS index;
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