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Water Quality of Streams and Riparian Vegetation at Rice Cultivation Area of Eastern Jeonnam
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Water Quality of Streams and Riparian Vegetation at Rice Cultivation Area of Eastern Jeonnam
Lee, Do-Jin; Cho, Ju-Sik; Kuk, Yong-In; Ahn, Ho-Geun;
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The characteristic of the quality of stream water and the riparian vegetation during rice cultivation in the rural area of the eastern Jeonnam province was surveyed from April to November, 2000. The water quality of the streams during rice cultivation was variable. The pH of these water bodies ranged from . Electro conductivity (EC) at each water body ranged from for Beogyo-cheoa for Boseong-cheon, for Songgwang-cheon, and for Isa-cheon. Total nitrogen and other parameters (K, Ca, Mg, Na, , SS) were higher at May (Boseong-cheon) through June (Songgwang-cheon, Isa-cheon) during the transplanting season than these same parameters at August October and November. Thirty weed species of sixteen families were found in the survey areas of Songgwang-cheon, Boseong-cheon Isa-cheon and Beolgyo-cheon. Nine annual weeds, four biennial weeds, and seventeen perennial weeds were found, several different life forms were identified. Of those species three were submerged, two were free floating, five were emerged, and twenty were water-side weeds.
water quality;riparian vegetation;rural area;stream;
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