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Two-Dimensional Electrophoresis Analysis of Proteins between Bacillus licheniformis DM3 and Its Antifungal Activity Deficient Mutant
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 Title & Authors
Two-Dimensional Electrophoresis Analysis of Proteins between Bacillus licheniformis DM3 and Its Antifungal Activity Deficient Mutant
Lee, Young-Keun; Kim, Jae-Sung; Chung, Hye-Young; Jang, Yu-Sin; Jang, Byung-Il;
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In the course of screening for antifungal agents, a bacterial strain, DM3 was isolated from a mud sample collected at Daechon in Chungnam province and identified as Bacillus licheniformis based on API 50CHB test. It has antifungal activity against 12 plant pathogenic fungi in paper disc assay. At the 95% lethal dose of gamma radiation (, 10 kGy, ), the antifungal activity deficient mutant (mDM3) against Colletotrichum gloeosporioides was induced From 2-D electrophoresis analysis, serine hydroxymethyltransferase (45.0 kDa), hypothetical protein(40.7 kDa), NifU protein homolog(15.4 kDa), and resolvase(12.5 kDa) homologous proteins were detected only in B. licheniformis DM3. Lysozyme(18.1 kDa) and alkyl hydroperoxide reductase(15.6 kDa) homologous proteins were expressed uniquely in B. licheniformis mDM3. Further studies are needed to reveal that these proteins from B. licheniformis DM3 could be closely related to the antifungal activity against plant pathogenic fungi.
antifungal protein;Bacillus licheniformis DM3;gamma radiation;mutant;2-DE;
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