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Environmental Impact Assessment for Demonstration Villages of Sustainable Agriculture
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 Title & Authors
Environmental Impact Assessment for Demonstration Villages of Sustainable Agriculture
Lee, Nam-Jong; Ko, Beong-Gu; Roh, Kee-An; Han, Min-Su; Kim, Min-Kyeong; Kwak, Han-Gang; Park, Mun-Hee;
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In order to preserve the soundness of agro-ecosystem and products safety in agriculture, this study was evaluated environmental impact in relation to the INM (Integrated Nutrient Management) and IPM (Integrated Pest Management) at paddy fields at Ok-Chun and Yang-Pyung region. By introduction of INM with the application of BB(bulk-blanded) fertilizer based on soil analysis and IPM, the application rate of fertilizer was reduced to about and the yield of brown rice was increased to about compared to conventional practices. The concentrations of COD, , and in irrigation water flowed to the environmental-friendly agriculture practices were 15.0, 0.67, and 1.39 mg/L, respectively. The concentrations of COD, , and from paddy fields in drainage water were 12.4, 0.29, and 2.42 mg/L, respectively. The total number of the freshwater invertebrates was higher in field treated with fertilization by prescription with soil testing. Also, the population density of aquatic insects was higher than the other fields at both demonstration villages. In conclusion, it was possible to reduce the amount of fertilizer and agricultural chemicals application, and increase the yield of rice by application of the environmental-friendly agriculture practices.
sustainable agriculture;rice paddy;environmental impact;INM (Integrated Nutrient Management);IPM (Integrated Pest Management);
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