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Aspects of Nutrient Transportation after Animal Manure Application in Jeju Field Soil
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Aspects of Nutrient Transportation after Animal Manure Application in Jeju Field Soil
Hwang, Ki-Sung; Ho, Qyo-Soon; Yoo, Bong-Sik;
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Recently, saw dust manure has been widely used in horticultural crop production in Korea. Animal manure is produced by decaying of livestock manure mixed with saw dust, and contained higher nutrients and ion concentration than the traditional manure made from rice straw and grasses. Therefore, a continuous application of the animal manure disregarding to soil characteristics may be ruined the soil conditions. This study was conducted to investigate the transportation of the nitrogen, phosphate, potassium, and ion concentration of the animal manure applied to volcanic and non-volcanic soils in Jeju islana Soil chemical analysis were done before and 180 days after animal manure application. After animal manure application, -N moved up to 90cm in volcanic soil, while the movement was limited to 60 cm in non-volcanic soil. Phosphate concentration was high up to 30 cm, where crop roots are mainly distributed, in volcanic soil, however, the phosphate moved up to 60 cm in volcanic soil. Exchangeable potassium moved up to 90 cm in volcanic soil, but the movement wns limited up to 60 cm in non-volcanic soil. For both soil types, no significant different in ion concentrations was observed up to 60 cm in soil depth, though the concentrations were higher in volcanic ash soils as compared to the non-volcanic ash soils.
compost livestock manure;volcanic ash soil;non-volcanic ash soil;availability rate;soil nutrient;
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