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Agroenvironmental Characteristics and N.P Demand of Paddy Fields Irrigated with the Water of Nagdong River
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 Title & Authors
Agroenvironmental Characteristics and N.P Demand of Paddy Fields Irrigated with the Water of Nagdong River
Kang, Ui-Gum; Lee, jae-Saeng; Ko, Ji-Yeon; Park, Chang-Young; Jung, Ki-Yeul;
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Agroenvironmental characteristics in paddy fields irrigated with the water of Nagdong river were analyzed along the river watershed for two years from 1999. The sites monitored from upper reaches of the river were Andong, Sangju, Gumi, Goryeong, Changnyeong, Milyang and Pusan. In paddy soils, the contents of heavy metals such as Cd, Cr, Cu, Pb, Ni, Zn and As were around natural values showing the highest values in Pusan followed by Goryeong. In brown rice, the contents of heavy metals were lower than natural values. Soil chemical properties appeared higher values in the lower reaches including Goryeong than the upper ones. The highest parameters in Goryeong were pH (), EC (), (), exchangeable Ca (), Mg (), K () and those in Pusan were organic matter () and T-N (). In conclusion, the recommended rates of N fertilizer for rice cropping were 21.4%, 11.8% and 8.8% high for Andong, Sangju and Gumi, respectively and 14.9%, 4.6%, 4.5% and 11.5% low for Goryeong, Changnyeong, Milyang and Pusan, respectively reflecting the chemical properties of soils and the quality of irrigation water on the basis of 110 kgN/ha. In the case of phosphorous, the rates were 18.9% and 33.3% low for Changnyeong and others, respectively on the basis of . The populations of bacteria, fungi, actinomycetes, Bacillus, fluorescent Pseudomonas and Biomass C were high at the lower reaches including Goryeong, which showed relatively much nutrient contents of organic matter, total N and phosphorous etc.
Nagdong river;watershed;paddy soil;agricultural environment;nitrogen;phosphorous;
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서낙동강 유역 평강천의 수질 특성과 용수원에 따른 토마토 및 오이의 생육,이한철;조명환;이시영;최경이;이재한;

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