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Development of Adsorbent for Heavy Metals by Activation of the Bark
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 Title & Authors
Development of Adsorbent for Heavy Metals by Activation of the Bark
Park, Chang-Jin; Yang, Jae-E.; Ryu, Kyeong-Ryeol; Zhang, Yong-Seon; Kim, Won-Il;
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The objective of this research was to develop the adsorbent far heavy metals by activating the bark sample. Barks from pine tree with diameters of were activated in the muffle furnace under a high relative humidity condition at temperatures of . The removal efficiency of the activated bark (ACTBARK) for Cu and Cd was temperature dependent showing the order of > > > . The critical temperature was considered to be to become an efficient adsorbent for Cu and Cd. The bark samples activated at temperatures lower than showed a less removal efficiency than the crude bark. The ACTBARK activated at removed more Cu and Cd from solution than the commercial activated carbon and charcoal. The ACTBARK (activated at ) adsorbed all of the Cu and Cd in solution with concentrations less than 150 mg/L. The selectivity of the ACTBARK was in the order of Cu > Zn > Ni > Pb > Fe > Cd > Mn.
activated bark;removal efficiency;temperature;selectivity;
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우리나라 농경지 중금속 동태 및 작물흡수 연구동향,이지호;김지영;고우리;정은정;;정구복;김두호;김원일;

한국환경농학회지, 2012. vol.31. 1, pp.75-95 crossref(new window)
Current research trends for heavy metals of agricultural soils and crop uptake in Korea, Korean Journal of Environmental Agriculture, 2012, 31, 1, 75  crossref(new windwow)
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