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Effects of Minimum Furrow Mulching with Weed Straw and Gravel Furrow Barrier on Soil Conservation at Potato Field in Gangwon Highland
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 Title & Authors
Effects of Minimum Furrow Mulching with Weed Straw and Gravel Furrow Barrier on Soil Conservation at Potato Field in Gangwon Highland
Park, Chol-Soo; Jung, Yeong-Sang; Joo, Jin-Ho; Lee, Won-Jung; Yang, Jae-E.;
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To develop proper soil management practices for reducing soil erosion, experiments were carried out by using lysimeters in Pyeongchang highland, Korea. Lysimeters installed at Hoenggye bad 13% slope, 15 m slope length and 3 m width. Lysimeters with 23% slope, 15 m slope length and 3 m width were also installed at Yongsan. Soil textures in Hoenggye and Yongsan lysimeter plots were silty clay loam and sandy loam, respectively. In the lysimeters potato was cultivated, and slant furrow culture and contour culture were applied. Up-down furrow and continuous fallow lysimeter was included in the experiments as a control plot. For the slant furrow and contour culture methods, minimum furrow mulching and gravel barrier were placed at each end of the furrows in the lysimeters from April to October in 2000 and 2001 to prevent soil and nutrient losses. In Heonggye, in two years experiments, average soil loss of 17 Mg/ha was found in the up-down and continuous fallow lysimeter and 2.6 Mg/ha from furrow minimum straw and slant furrow treatment, and 1.8 Mg/ha from slant furrow and gravel bag treatment. In the contour culture, the soil losses were further reduced. In Yongsan, soil loss in the slant furrow culture without any protection treatment was 167 Mg/ha, and the soil loss was reduce to 61 and 86 Mg/ha with minimum straw and gravel bag treatments, respectively. The soil loss could be reduced more than 45% by furrow minimum straw and gravel barrier. The furrow minimum straw or gravel bag barrier successfully reduced soil loss in clay loam soil in Heonggye, but still the treatments were not enough to reduce soil loss in saprolite piled sandy loam soil in Yongsan.
soil loss;straw mulching;gravel barrier;soil conservation;
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