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Fate of Nitrogen and Phosphorous in Hydroponic Waste Solution Applied to the Upland Soils
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 Title & Authors
Fate of Nitrogen and Phosphorous in Hydroponic Waste Solution Applied to the Upland Soils
Yang, Jae-E.; Park, Chang-Jin; Yoo, Kyung-Yoal; Kim, Kyung-Hee; Ok, Yong-Sik;
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Objective of this research was to evaluate the fate of nitrogen and phosphorous in hydroponic waste solution from the plastic film house cultivation applied to the upland soil by column leaching and field experiment. The pH and EC of leachate were decreased by the reaction with the upland soil in the column leaching experiment. The EC and concentrations of of leachate were decreased as the column length (soil depth) was increased. But these were increased as the amounts of the hydroponic waste solution were increased field experiment growing red pepper (Capsicum annum L.) to monitor the nutrients movement using ion exchange resin capsule demonstrated that the nutrient concentration of soil solution was increased in the orders of $PO_4-P at the 45 cm of soil depth. The overall results demonstrated that the hydroponic waste solution could be recycled as plant nutrients to enhance fertility of soils. But nitrate leaching was a major factor for safe use of the hydroponic waste solution in soil.
hydroponic waste solution;nutrient;nitrate;column leaching;ion exchange resin capsule;
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