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Effects of Farming Practice and NO3-N Contents of Groundwater with Different locations under Intensive Greenhouse Area
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 Title & Authors
Effects of Farming Practice and NO3-N Contents of Groundwater with Different locations under Intensive Greenhouse Area
Ko, Jee-Yeon; Lee, Jae-Sang; Kim, Min-Tae; Kim, Choon-Song; Kang, Ui-Gum; Kang, Hang-Won;
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To investigate effects of fanning practice and contents of groundwater in intensive horticultural greenhouse area of Yeongnam province, the groundwater samples from 1,370 sites were collected and analyzed. In addition, cultivation year, crops, desalinization methods, amounts of manure application, tube well depth and soil texture with clay contents were observed. Of the investigated sites, 19.7% of shallow groundwater and 1.3% of confined groundwater were exceeded over as the drinking limit value, respectively. concentration in groundwater was highly significantly correlative with clay content , well depth and cultivation duration , respectively. In case of desalting crop method being executed for desalinization of greenhouse soil, the value of groundwater was lower than any other desalinization method. The fact that contents of confined groundwater was affected by shallow groundwater was clarified by that contents in shallow were significantly correlative with the confined groundwater .
Shallow groundwater;Confined groundwater;;Farming practice;Horticultural greenhouse;
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