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Characteristics of PCDD/Fs Deposited on Pine Needles and Soil
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 Title & Authors
Characteristics of PCDD/Fs Deposited on Pine Needles and Soil
Chun, Man-Young; Yeo, Hyun-Gu;
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The aim of this study was to investigate deposition characteristics of atmospheric PCDD/Fs on pine needles and soil. Concentration of PCDD/Fs on soil were higher than those in pine needles, being 7.4 times for , 2.3 times for , and 5.4 times for respectively. The ratios of the concentration of each homologue in soil to that in pine needles increased as the number of chlorine atoms increased. The concentration (%) of each congener to was higher in the one with a small number of chlorine atoms substituted, such as tetra- to hexa-homologues in pine needle samples and in one with a large number of chlorine atoms, such as hepta- to octa-homologues in soil samples. Lower-chlorinated homologues of PCDD/Fs were mainly accumulative deposited in pine needles, whereas higher-chlorinated ones were on soil.
pine needles;soil;deposition;PCDD/Fs;
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