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Chemical Characteristics of Soil and Groundwater in Plastic Film House Fields under Fertigation System
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 Title & Authors
Chemical Characteristics of Soil and Groundwater in Plastic Film House Fields under Fertigation System
Lee, Young-Han; Lee, Seong-Tae; Lee, Sang-Dae; Kim, Yeong-Bong;
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To enhance groundwater quality and soil nutrient management in fertigated plastic film house, groundwater samples from Jinju 52, Sacheon 3, Changnyeong 3, Sancheong 4 and Namhae 2 sites and soil samples from Jinju 23 sites were collected from September to November in 2004. The average concentration of in groundwater was and 20% of survey sites exceeded the limiting level of agricultural goundwater quality. The amount of ions in groundwater was in the order of $Ca^{2+}>Na^+>Mg^{2+}>NH_4-N>K^+$ in cations and ${HCO_3}^->{SO_4}^{2-}>NO_3-N>Cl^-$ in anions. Electrical conductivity of groundwater was positively correlated with concentrations. In addition, it had significantly positive correlation with sum cations and anions, respectively = EC values = EC values = EC values . The proportions of soil chemical properties over the critical levels for crop production in fertigated plastic film house were 56.5% in pH, 47.8% in OM, 95.7% in available , 78.3% in exchangeable K, 87% in exchangeable Ca, 56.5% in exchangeable Mg and 43.5% in EC. Soil pH was positively correlated with pH and concentration of groundwater.
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스프링클러 관개시 토양검정시비량에 의한 관비재배가 대추 유목의 생육과 토양 화학적 특성에 미치는 영향,이경자;강보구;김기식;

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입지조건이 다른 시설재배지에서 담수처리에 따른 양분 용탈량 평가,김민경;노기안;고병구;박성진;정구복;이덕배;김철수;

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