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Production of Lignin Degrading Enzymes and Decolorization of Dye Compounds by White-rotting Fungi Coriolus hirsutus LD-1
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Production of Lignin Degrading Enzymes and Decolorization of Dye Compounds by White-rotting Fungi Coriolus hirsutus LD-1
Nam, Eun-Sook; Ha, Sang-Woo; Park, Shin-In;
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The present research was undertaken to investigate the activities of ligninolytic enzymes and dye-decolorization capabilities of white-rotting fungi Coriolus hirsutus LD-1. The isolated white-rotting fungi (Coriolus hirsutus LD-1) produced laccase (16,388.9 U/L) and manganese-dependent peroxidase (19.81 U/L) but it did not produce lignin peroxidase. When the isolated fungi was incubated with the treatment of dyes for 8 days, the rates of decolorization of remazol brilliant blue R and bromophenol blue were 70.2% and 98%, respectively. The activity for manganese-dependent peroxidase was low, whereas that for laccase was very high. Moreover, the laccase was more effective to decolor when compared to manganese-dependent peroxidase. The results suggested that laccase of Coriolus hirsutus LD-1 might be playing an important role in the decolorization of the dyes.
White-rotting fungi;Laccase;Manganese-dependent peroxidase;Decolorization;
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구름버섯에 의한 합성염료(콩고 레드, 메칠렌 블루)의 분해,백승아;조명래;이태수;임경환;

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