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Effect of Foliar Sprays of CaCl2 for Improving Fruit Quality of
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 Title & Authors
Effect of Foliar Sprays of CaCl2 for Improving Fruit Quality of
Kim, Ik-Youl; Kim, Mi-Young; Ru, Jong-Ho; Kim, Min; Lee, Yong-Se; Chang, Tae-Hyun;
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To evaluate the effectiveness of the foliar spray of calcium on "Baekdo" peach fruit, we carried out experiments in the orchards. The sprays were applied with with adjuvants (amino acid, ; phytic acid, and wood vinegar, ) for four times from June 12 through July 4 at weekly intervals. The fruits and leaves were evaluated for Ca content, firmness and incidence of Brown rot caused by Monilinia fructicola at harvest To evaluate fruit quality included Ca content, firmness natural decay during the storage, the fruits were stored at room temperature for 14 days. The Ca content in leaf and fruit flesh at harvest was significantly increased (P=0.05) in + amino acid treatment among treatments. However, there was not significant Ca content in fruit peel. The firmness of flesh increased significantly (P=0.05) in + amino acid treatment. The natural decay (Rhizopus stolonifers) during storage at the room temperature for 14 days, the fruit treated with + wood vinegar exhibited lowest (P=0.05) incidence. Also, the firmness of the fruit during storage was firmer with treated than untreated fruit. In the treatments of + phytic acid and + amino acid, it was possible to reduce incidence of Brown rot caused by M. fructicola most effectively in the field. In addition, inoculation with M. fructicola in fruits was also the most effective treatment for inhibiting disease development in vitro. These results suggested that the foliar spray of with adjuvants increased the content of Ca and firmness of the fruits positively. It also inhibited the natural decay and the Brown rot effectively.
adjuvants;amino acid;Baekdo;calcium;Brown rot;firmness;foliar spray;Monilinia fructicola;phytic acid;wood vinegar;
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액상 칼슘비료 시비 농작물의 칼슘 함유량 조사 및 칼슘시비 배추를 이용한 김치의 발효특성,신현재;이상화;김복희;

KSBB Journal, 2007. vol.22. 4, pp.255-259
수산화칼슘 엽면살포가 '대월' 복숭아의 신초 생육 및 과실 품질에 미치는 영향,박지영;손인창;김대일;

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