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Effect of Water Treatment Sludge on Growth of Rice Seedling
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Effect of Water Treatment Sludge on Growth of Rice Seedling
Lee, In-Bog; Lim, Jae-Shin; Chang, Ki-Woon;
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To know the effect of water treatment sludge (WTS) as a rice seedling culture soil, rice seeds are sown, germinated and grown on the culture soils mixed with different ratios of WTS to sand (100:0, 50:50, 30:70, respectively), and their growth effects was compared to that of control, commercial culture soil. When WTS is used as a culture soil for rice, the length and weight of the top part of rice seedling somewhat decreased than those of control treatment while their root length and weight in all WTS treatments significantly increased. Although phosphorus and potassium uptake of rice seedling in WTS treatments was slightly decreased, WTS treatment showed to develop root growth which is necessary in the seedling stage of all plane. Such a stimulatory effect on root growth of rice seedling was significant in the mixture ratio of 50% WTS to 50% sand.
Water treatment sludge;Rice seedling;Culture soil;
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