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Recommendation of Nitrogen Fertilization for Cucumber from Relationship between Soil Nitrate Nitrogen and Yield
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 Title & Authors
Recommendation of Nitrogen Fertilization for Cucumber from Relationship between Soil Nitrate Nitrogen and Yield
Lim, Tae-Jun; Hong, Soon-Dal; Kim, Seung-Heui; Park, Jin-Myeon;
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This study was carried out to establish the reasonable level of nitrogen (N) fertilization based on soil nitrate nitrogen content for cucumber (Cucumis sativus L.) under plastic film house. Cucumber plants were cultivated with standard and free N fertilization in eight soils which had various amount of ranging from 67 to 343 mg/kg. The yield of cucumber was in the range of 1006 to 2369 g/plant depending on the nitrogen supplying capability of soils. The amount of in the soil was negatively correlated with agronomic efficiency (AE) and N use efficiency (NUE). The critical level of soil content for cucumber in N free fertilization was found to be about 260 mg/kg in Cate-Nelson analysis of variance between soil and AE or NUE. Also the same critical soil content was found in the yield and amount of N uptake of cucumber under N free fertilization. A standard N fertilization was required when soil content was below 70 mg/kg. The optimal application rate of N fertilizer for cucumber in the soils containing between 260-70 mg/kg could be recommended by the equation Y=-1.032X+269.2 (Y: N fertilization rate, kg/ha; X : soil content mg/kg).
cucumber;nitrate nitrogen;N fertilization;
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